Prospect Ridge Academy

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Student Council Sponsored $1 Spirit Day

To participate, bring $1 to school.
The K-12 theme is PINK OUT day! Proceeds will go to support breast cancer research. Wear your pink out clothes to the volleyball game that night!
Make sure that your outfit is school-appropriate! Talk to a teacher or principal if you aren't sure what to wear. 
Please help our students remember that clothing must be school appropriate (students who choose to participate need to be mindful of the dress code language as it relates to shorts/skirt length, holes in jeans, and general fit of clothes), and any student who chooses not to participate is to adhere to the PRA Dress Code. Though we fully support and strongly encourage participation, maintaining a distraction-free educational environment is our utmost priority. Dress code guidelines can be found on the PRA Website.
Thank you for supporting Student Council!