CMAS Testing is April 13-20

Dear PRA Miner Families,

The Spring 2023 CMAS testing window is April 10-28. PRA will administer CMAS for grades 3-5 from April 13-20. Makeup testing will begin on Friday, April 21, and conclude on April 26, and may require students to miss instructional time to make up for missed tests. 


Standardized testing is an important part of our culture at Prospect Ridge Academy, as the data we receive provides us with the ability to analyze and compare our areas of growth and strength within our school and with schools in the surrounding region. Testing helps us remain accountable to our community, and it also prepares our kids for high stakes testing in their college prep futures. We’re excited to begin the testing season and ask for your support in encouraging your kids to do their best and enjoy the process. 


If you do not want your child(ren) to participate in CMAS testing please email Assessment & Data Coordinator [email protected]  for further instructions on opting out.  



CMAS - Approved Calculators 


Students may use hand-held calculators for use on only the calculator sections of the mathematics assessments and the science assessments.  Please make sure your child brings his/her approved calculator during CMAS Math & Science test days


■ Grades 3–5 Math: No calculators allowed 

■ Grades 6–7 Math: Five-function (includes square root and percentage functions) 

■ Grade 8 Math: Scientific 

■ Grade 5 Science: Four-function (includes percentage function) 

■ Grade 8 Science: Scientific 

■ High School Science: Scientific  


Not allowed: calculators with Computer Algebra System (CAS) features are allowed, including graphing calculators. No tablet, laptop (or PDA), or phone‐based calculators are allowed during CMAS assessments. Calculators with “QWERTY” keyboards are not permitted. Students are not allowed to share calculators within a testing session.


Please email Assessment Coordinator Liz Morgan at [email protected] if you have any questions.