Mr. Thygesen Talks Upcoming Programs for Parents, Students

The "Screenagers" workshop is free but we do ask that reserve your seat by clicking here.

Transcription of video

Hi, PRA families. Happy Thursday. Got my trusting notes here. I'm going to put right here because I want to talk to you about two programs that we have coming up in the next couple of weeks. The first is our annual viewing of Screenagers, followed by a discussion on how to help our kids find a healthy relationship with technology.

The data is well established by now, and it shows a direct connection between too much screen time, social media, and the negative impact it has on this generation's mental health. We know the problem, but what can we do about it? Please come to our high school next Tuesday at five o'clock where we'll watch Screenagers together and then discuss strategies and solutions that will help our kids overcome the obstacles that await them in the digital world. Please read today's minor mail for more details.

I also wanted to let you know that this month in access, we're going to address the topic of speaking with good purpose. We have noticed an uncomfortable increase in swearing and inappropriate language in our hallways and amongst our student body, and I know that we can do better. We have an amazing group of students here in our middle school, and I'm always so impressed with their intelligence, their kindness, and their problem solving skills. This will be a proactive and solution-based strategy. And my hope is that we'll be a better place when we're done. Of course we will. I know that we will. Again, please read today's minor mail for details.

Next week, we will talk about these campaigns, CMAS, your feedback on the parent survey, and what's in store for us in March, April and May. So thanks for joining. Have a great day.