Excuse Me?

This week we’re launching a “The PRA Way: Positive and Respectful Language” in Access class. This kicks off a month of helping our students learn the power of positive language and addresses the negative consequences of poor and offensive language.

“Speak with Good Purpose” was a topic in 6th grade Access earlier in the year, but we thought now would be a good time to bring up the topic as a whole middle school due to some less-than-positive language we’ve experienced amongst our student body as of late. As an example, we’ve noticed an uncomfortable prevalence of swearing (curse words) and an increase in inappropriate sexual language that has no place in any public venue.

Our campaign is founded on emphasizing the benefits of using positive and articulate language in facilitating clear communication. It shows students how to better represent themselves and their families, but also makes clear the consequences for doing otherwise. The campaign will include the following elements:

1. Access Lesson, The PRA Way: Using Positive and Respectful Language

2. Positive office referrals for students going above and beyond in speaking with good purpose

3. Students will be recognized on our announcement board for their positive referrals

4. Follow up lessons on using positive language in different scenarios (while playing football, talking in small groups, etc.)

5. Reminders about the consequences of inappropriate language

We encourage parents to participate in our effort by discussing this topic at home and listening to your students own accounts and getting their feedback on the importance of speaking with purpose and kindness.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

MS Administration