Costa Rica is a GO!

Hurrah! The summer 2023 trip to Costa Rica is officially a “go”. How exciting is that?! We have 7 students enrolled and although enough students have signed up to make the trip happen, there is still room for more. The more the merrier, right? So if you’ve been waiting, stop waiting, and get registered.

If you don’t remember all the details, this trip is a partnership with the non-profit Ecology Project International organization in which students study sea turtle ecology, including a hands-on experience helping conservation scientists protect the threatened leatherback sea turtle. They will also learn about the importance of rainforest ecosystems and the global connections between man and nature. PRA’s dates for the trip are from June 13-21, 2023 (to coincide with the emergence of the hatchlings). The cost of the nine-day adventure is $3595 and includes airfare from Denver to Costa Rica. Registration is now open to all grades of high school. And did I mention the trip ends with white-water rafting? How cool will that be?

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Dr. Bennett at [email protected]. You can also check out Dr. Bennett’s PRA webpage for more information and links to EPI’s website.