VIDEO: 100% or Bust! About Last Week...

This is a reminder, and a request, to please watch the first video in our "What it Means to Be An Academically Focused School" series, which is focused on the importance of testing to our mission and vision.

We have 376 students in our middle school, and 52 of you have watched it so far. If you are one of the 52, thank you for watching. Please pass the video on to a fellow family, and then ask them to do the same. If you are one of the 324 who have not yet watched, please find a few minutes today or in the next couple of days to watch, or at least listen along while you are working around the house.

This video will help explain the benefits of testing, and is the start of our goal to get at least 95% of our kids ready and willing to take CMAS next April.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

Best regards,

Steve Thygesen and
Casey Baldwin