MS Video Series: PRA Testing Culture

Hi PRA Families,

This week starts the launch our our video series (maybe more aptly named "narrated slide show" series) where we delve into topics about testing, how to learn, "How to Raise an Adult," anxiety, and more. We've generically entitled this series, "What it Means to Be An Academic School" with multiple goals:

1. To define the parameters of the academic part of our vision

2. To give our students and families the tools to succeed academically

3. To build a forum around the joys and challenges of raising pre-teens

Today's video, entitled "PRA Testing Culture" runs a little long, but I'd be grateful if you took 10 minutes our of your day to watch it. It contains interesting information on the value of test taking and how it impacts students, teachers, and our entire community. Take notes, share them with your friends, and ask questions when needed.

We have a lot to learn from each other, and I'm excited to hear from you. In addition to our videos, our marketing team will be sending out invitations to various forums where we can talk "shop" and share our stories of success, and failures, while raising our future leaders.

Thank you for making PRA a part of your lives.

Take Care,
Steve Thygesen
Middle School Principal