MS Athlete of the Month: August 2022

Athlete of the Month: August

Prospect Ridge Academy recognizes an Athlete of the Month each month of the school year. Using the selection criteria below, the coaching staff of each sport (A-team) will nominate one individual each month. Every sport being played during any given month will have a nominated athlete. The PRA Athletic Department will select a winner from the pool of nominees based on the selection criteria below in addition to performance statistics from competitions during that Month. These student athletes were selected based on their sportsmanship, commitment, honesty, positive attitude both on and off the field/court, toughness, teamwork, focus and discipline as well as perseverance.

With great pleasure, I’d like to announce the August Athletes of the Month: Genevieve Forsman & Wilson Jones.

Genevieve Forsman
"Genevieve is an 8th grader on the Volleyball A Team. “She has stepped up as a leader for both teams. Genevieve consistently encourages and brings effort to practice and games. She maintains a positive attitude while continuing to learn and enjoy the game and her teammates.” Coach Anissa.

Wilson Jones
“Wilson has run cross country at PRA for 3 years. He is a quiet leader that expects the best of himself and his teammates. He is committed to working hard during the off season and during the season. He is respectful to his coaches, teammates and to his opponents. Wilson's enthusiasm for cross country is contagious and his work ethic is unparalleled.” Coach Cosio

Congratulations to the August Athletes of the Month! Your hard work and leadership has been made apparent by your commitment to PRA and continuous efforts to lead your teams. Keep up the amazing work.

Mrs. Baldwin
MS Assistant Principal/Athletic Director