ES Weekly Update 9/1/2022




It is with excitement that we announce the Miner Diner (lunchroom) is now open. Students in 1st-5th grade began eating lunch in the Miner Diner, located in the modular on the west side of the K-8 building. Students have really enjoyed this transition out of their classrooms and being able to eat lunch with other friends in their grade level. Also, a big thank you to all of our amazing volunteers who have been regularly helping with lunch recess coverage, our PRA team is truly GRATEFUL for your time and support. 


K-5 Technology Reminders


Prospect Ridge Academy embraces the use of technology for educational purposes and grants permission to students to bring such devices, as long as the following guidelines are followed:

  • Video games are not permitted.
  • Technology must only contain appropriate material for the student.
  • Technology can only be used at appropriate times during the school day.
  • Mobile phones and Smart Watches off and in backpacks from
    8:15 am to 3:15 pm.

Violation to any of the above guidelines will result in confiscation of the device. A parent or guardian may retrieve the device from the front office after Driveline is completed.


Under all circumstances, students shall be personally and solely responsible for the security of their device. PRA shall not assume responsibility for theft, loss, or damage of any such device and will not be responsible for investigation of such incidents.


Support Needed 


We have been seeing an increasing amount of items and lunches being dropped off for students in the K-8 Front Office. In order to avoid interruption of instructional time, please remind your child(ren) that if an item is being dropped off, that they look in the black bin labeled parent drop off. If a lunch is being dropped off, they will need to look in the lunch drop off bin in the K8 vestibule. If a student does not come and pick up their lunch they may be instructed to get an emergency lunch and a $5.00 fee will be charged to your Infinite Campus account. We would appreciate your cooperation. Thank you!




Attendance is important to the success of learning. Now, more than ever, students need to be regularly in class each day with their teacher and peers. However, we also recognize things may come up and a student may need to be out for an extended period of time. Please make sure to complete the extended absence form if your child plans to be out more than three consecutive days. In an effort to streamline the process for extended absence requests, please email our attendance secretary at [email protected] for any absences. Genieva Sanchez, will work closely with our administrative team and classroom teachers to approve extended absences and enter into Infinite Campus accordingly. Students and parents are responsible for contacting their teacher to get any assignments missed. 


Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS)


Spring 2022 CMAS scores are now available in your Parent Portal. To access CMAS scores in your Parent Portal follow these steps: 


Login - go to More - then to Adams 12 Tools - See Reports - click the + sign by CMAS - choose 21/22.  


We are pleased to see that our students continue to perform well and as a community we are committed to utilizing this data to set school-wide goals and continue to improve our instructional best practices. If you would like additional information regarding state assessments, please visit the Colorado Department of Education website for more parent resources and information.  You can reference your student’s CMAS Performance Levels located at this link.


If you cannot access your Parent Portal please contact Adams 12 IT helpdesk at 720-972-4120 or [email protected]