Seeking Charter School Parent Ambassador

Charter School Ambassadors and Charter Parent Ambassadors


The greatest advocates for charter schools in Colorado are those at the heart of the charter school community - teachers, school staff, and parents. At the Colorado League of Charter Schools, we encourage all members of the charter school community to engage in advocacy to ensure all children in Colorado have access to high-quality public school options.


For individuals in the charter school community that have a passion for advocacy work and want to take their engagement to the next level, we are launching our Charter School Ambassadors (CSA) and Charter Parent Ambassadors (CPA) programs in the 2022-2023 school year. CSA and CPA will provide skill building, leadership development, and statewide networking opportunities to their members all with the goal of influencing positive change and support of quality laws and policies for charter schools across Colorado. CSA and CPA members will act as ambassadors for charter schools both within their own communities as well as on a state and national level in partnership with the League. CSA is open to charter school leaders, staff, and teachers, and CPA is open to parents of current or former charter school students.


Goals for CSA and CPA:

  • To develop members’ advocacy and leadership skills in order to be a champion for your school and charter schools across the state
  • To make advocacy simple and approachable for members
  • To provide the needed tools for members to engage others in their school and community in charter school awareness and advocacy
  • To create a more collaborative relationship between your school and the League for policy agenda development

What the League will provide to CSA and CPA:

  • Connection with League Advocacy Team staff to determine local advocacy goals for the 2022-2023 school year
  • Monthly Ambassador calls which will include:
  • Updates from the League on current policy issues and advocacy efforts
  • Sharing from members of rising policy issues in your school or local community
  • Training on an advocacy or leadership development topic/strategy
  • A follow-up advocacy action to take in your school community
  • Opportunities to inform the League’s policy agenda creation and implementation
  • Toolkits for policymaker engagement throughout the year
  • Access to an advocacy community where you can share ideas and learn from others’ experiences

Responsibilities of a CSA and CPA:

  • Attend monthly CSA/CPA meetings and annual gathering at the Colorado League of Charter Schools’ Annual Conference
  • Share and increase awareness of League advocacy resources and opportunities within your school community
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with your local policymakers and media with support form the League