End of Year MS Counseling Info

Hello PRA families! 
As the school year is coming to a close, I'd like to share some information that will be helpful in starting to think about what's to come *AFTER* a restful, well-deserved summer break!! 
  1. Scheduling-- you and your student(s) will be able to view schedules on IC for Fall of 2022 in August of 2022. Before that time there is no way for me to communicate which classes your student(s) will be enrolled in, so I appreciate your patience in waiting until August for schedule questions!
  2. Community Service Hours-- please continue to have your student(s) log any and all community service hours they have completed this year OR that they complete over the Summer using the Google Form on our PRA website. To find this form, you will go to the PRA website, click on the "Campus Life" tab and then choose the dropdown menu option that says "Community Service". From there, you will be directed to a google form to input this information. As a reminder, all PRA middle school students are required to complete a minimum of 8 hours of community service per school year.
  3. Mental health resources-- should your student be in need of counseling services over the summer, I encourage you to check out the "iMatter" program by visiting iMattercolorado.org. Through this program, any youth in Colorado ages 4-18 can receive up to SIX therapy sessions with a licensed provider via Telehealth for FREE. There are some in-person options available as well. Head to their website for more information! 
Thank you all and I hope you and your family enjoy the time away from school and take this opportunity to relax, reset and have fun. We made it!!!! 🙂 :) 
Lauren Battista, MS Counselor