ES Weekly Updates 5/26/22

Message from the Principals 

What an amazing journey we have experienced together this school year. We are beyond proud of our educational staff in focusing on the implementation of the new Core Knowledge Language Arts curriculum & the new edition of Math in Focus. Teachers were dedicated to following the curriculum outlined and delivering quality instruction through hard work and best instructional practices. The team utilized data to help drive these decisions and worked hard at sharing the data with students and families throughout the school year.  In addition, as a community we worked through roadblocks and challenges that helped us rebuild our culture & climate through social emotional learning and staying focused on demonstrating the PRA Way. Being together full-time and rebuilding our social stamina in conflict resolution was challenging, but we learned together and became stronger as a team. I am so proud of our students, our staff and our community. We are PRA strong and always rise to any challenges. Congratulations Miners for persevering and finishing strong! Enjoy your summer and know that we look forward to seeing you all in the fall. 

~ Mrs. Pratt & Mrs. Shoemaker

thank you

SUMMER Resources

Please don’t forget all the wonderful resources we have available for our students to access over the summer months! By regularly practicing these skills, children will keep their learning strategies sharp to help ensure a successful transition in the fall.