Screenagers Community Event

Dear PRA Middle School Parents and Guardians,

I would like to invite you to view “Screenagers” and “Screenagers: Next Chapter” with your students, at home at your convenience, over the next week by logging in to our special Screenagers Event Page and registering your family here. After viewing these movies as a family, you are invited to our community event next Thursday, April 14th at 6:30pm called “Screen Time, Brain Changes, and Finding a Healthy Balance With Technology in our Digital World” that will cover screen time, social media, persistent distraction, and what we can do to help our kids have a healthy relationship with their devices. I will host this event in our K-8 Commons and live on Zoom where we can discuss “Screenagers” and “Screenagers: Next Chapter” as well as the latest research on the neurological impact that extended screen time has on our brains, how to limit screen time at home, and strategies you’ve used as a family to avoid device and game-related conflicts. This will be a time where we can talk about our mutual experiences, strategies, and concerns around the academic, social, and emotional impact that screen time and social media has on our kids.

Please review the following schedule:

  • April 7th: Screenagers and Screenagers: Next Chapter links sent to families to view over the following two weeks
  • April 14th: 6:30 pm Community Event - “Screen Time, Social Media, and Our Kids”
  • April 21st: 1:45 pm Class Discussion on digital media, citizenship, and social media in Access

We hope you and your family find these movies informative, entertaining, and helpful in finding balance in our digital world. Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards,

Steve Thygesen

PRA Middle School Principal