ES Weekly Update 4/7/22

Driveline Reminders

The Broomfield Police Department has communicated with us that they will be ticketing drivers of vehicles that are arriving too early for pick up and are sitting in the turn lanes.  We cannot have cars in Driveline before 3:05pm due to safety reasons.  Please see Driveline Expectations so you know what to expect when dropping off and picking up your students.  We recognize this may be a challenge, but we appreciate your understanding and collaboration to follow our process. We highly recommend parking in the neighborhood, walking up to the front door, or possibly picking up your child(ren) after 3:15pm if your schedule allows.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Lunchroom Update

We are excited to announce elementary students are now able to mix cohorts in the lunchroom. We started mixing grade level classrooms on Monday, April 4th and it has been a great success. In addition, we know parents like to come and eat lunch with their child(ren) when it’s their birthday and are now allowing parents to do so. We do recommend checking your child out vs. eating in the lunchroom as this way you can take them off campus for something special and it’s much quieter than the lunchroom. 


Calendar of Events 

Friday, April 8th
  • PRA Spirit Day 
Monday, April 11th
  • Elementary 3rd-5th grade CMAS testing begins
Tuesday, April 12th
  • Elementary 3rd-5th grade CMAS testing 
Wednesday, April 13th
  • Elementary 3rd-5th grade CMAS testing 
  • 5th Grade Parent Night (Growth & Development Unit) @5:15-6:45pm/K-8 Cafeteria