MS Parent Lightspeed Q&A

The following is the Q & A results from that session.

What is the urgency?

Covid increased the learning inequity for students in the lower SES, as they didn’t have the support or technology they needed to close the gap with their higher SES peers. 5 minutes of distraction per class equals 25 minutes per week, 2 class periods per month, and 9 days per semester. Studies show that it takes us 20 minutes to get back on task after getting distracted. This means that one or two distractions can kill a whole class period. Lightspeed is our best, short term answer to making sure we’re maximizing our teaching and learning time in the classroom.

Why is Lightspeed used for all middle schoolers instead of the students who are having issues? 

In effect, at some point in the day, all middle school students become distracted. This is an equitable solution for our team to resolve issues in a positive way. Coming out of hybrid and online learning (pandemic), students became much more attached to their devices, which is the root cause of our problem.

How is PRA monitoring devices now? Classroom circulation, proximity, conspicuous computer placement.

Is it mandatory to install Lightspeed? 

It is highly recommended though not mandatory. To opt-in or to opt-out you can fill out this form. PRA MS Lightspeed Classroom Opt-in Form

Why not move to school supplied devices? 

This is a long term goal and a future solution. Though our BYOD policy has yielded a lot of benefits, it may prove to not be ideal moving forward.


How do I install Lightspeed on my device?

Please choose the link that is right for your student’s device. 


Download link for MacOS

macOS Lightspeed Classroom (Minimum requirements: macOS 10.13)

Installation Tutorial for macOS


Download link for Windows

Lightspeed Classroom Windows (Minimum requirements: Windows 10 v1809 recommended)

Browser Helper Extension is Required

Classroom Helper Extension for Chrome

Classroom Helper Extension for Edge

Installation Tutorial Windows

Will this work on an iPad? 

Lightspeed not on iPad, so need to get them a Chromebook, provide a school-issued device, send a [email protected], ticket 


How do I install the software on a Chromebook?

If a student has a Chromebook, PRA can push out the software at the school setting. Home downloads are only needed on windows and mac devices.


How was Lightspeed selected? What alternatives were considered? 

Lightspeed was chosen due to its AI functionality that allowed the teacher to focus on teaching the classroom rather than monitoring another tool.  We had carefully reviewed their privacy policy and their security & compliance page before making the selection. GoGuardian Teacher was the only other platform considered, but lost due to a lack of AI features at the time.

Which Lightspeed software product does PRA plan to use? 

We’re using the classroom management software only.

Who can make the connection to Lightspeed in each class? 

A teacher of the specific class can make the connection to Lightspeed. That is the only time when the teacher monitors students through Lightspeed.

How demanding is Lightspeed on specific teachers’ time?

After initial training and practice, the teacher works seamlessly with Lightspeed A.I. features to enable heatmap and watch for commonalities across the classroom with minimal disruption.

How does Lightspeed handle notifications like text messages? 

Lightspeed is designed to only access browser history.

What is the Lightspeed privacy policy?  

Per Lightspeed’s website their Privacy Policy is listed below:

We may share personal information with:

  • Businesses or third parties Lightspeed Systems is affiliated with in order to facilitate a transaction or service that the School has initiated or requested;
  • Agents and service providers that act on our behalf to support our services, such as technology services (e.g. web hosting and analytics services);
  • Others, such as parents, teachers, administrators, or other School personnel at the direction of the School or in order to facilitate the service that the School has initiated or requested (depending on a School’s currently selected Services);
  • Your consent or the consent of (or at the direction of) a parent, guardian, or eligible student;
  • A third party entity in connection with or during negotiations of a business transfer, in which case the recipient will be subject to the same commitments; and
  • Third parties, such as law enforcement, first responders, state or federal reporting agencies, such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, or other officials (“Government Officials”) when required by law or when doing so is mandated by our internal escalation policy, which is subject to change in our sole discretion, or when we believe in good faith that it is necessary to comply with any legal, law enforcement, or regulatory process, such as to respond to a warrant, subpoena, court order, or other applicable laws and regulations; take action in connection with a health or safety emergency; enforce or apply our agreements, including our Terms of Use; or protect Lightspeed Systems, our users, customers, or others.

Will PRA be able to monitor devices 24/7? 

No, the parameters of Lightspeed allow for specific hours which for PRA will be the school hours Monday-Friday 8:15am to 3:15pm. We will follow the PRA Master schedule and turn off Lightspeed in advance for in service days and holidays. 

Will students and parents have access to reports and specific data? 

Per COPPA, parents may request a copy of the data for their student(s) from the school. Data will not be readily available and only when specifically requested by the parents and or guardians via email [email protected] All requests will be considered in partnership with the Lightspeed Privacy team. 

Why is the Firewall not enough to block specific websites?

At PRA we have a sophisticated Firewall solution that can block specific websites. Many of the websites students are accessing are used for other purposes (email, Facebook, etc.). If we turn them off for one, we turn them off for all, including the staff, who use some of these websites as part of their job.

Will a third party be able to access and sell student data? 

To maintain COPPA compliance, student data is not allowed to be sold. The cloud provider that the service runs on has access to the data for the purpose of storage and third parties such as law enforcement or federal agencies such as when mandated by law may be given access.

How can we be sure that PRA and the platform are not accessing things on our BYOD that are outside the parameters of what the school should have access to?  

We have used the software last year with 4th and 5th grade without incident on 1:1 school supplied devices.

Processing speed impact? 

Our prior work with Lightspeed has shown little impact on processing speed.

Is PRA obligated to provide Lightspeed data to law enforcement if requested?

Because LightSpeed is a third party solution the responsibility to provide the data will be with Lightspeed.