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Seeking New Committee Members

**UPDATE** Signup Genius links for certain committees can also be found HERE and HERE.


The Committees act under the authority of the PRA Board and provide talents, knowledge, and expertise for the benefit of PRA. Parent participation is an excellent way to share ideas, meet other parents, work with the Board and staff, and most importantly, make PRA better. We are looking for new members to join now! 


Facilities Committee

The facilities committee exists to develop and present opportunities to the board relating to land, permanent facilities, and temporary facilities. It also serves as a coordination and review team for the board on ongoing facilities projects and investments.  The facilities committee provides input and recommendations for the PRA master plan and outlines a strategy to achieve the goals set within this plan.  The facilities committee is typically led by an appointed board member and consists of 5-6 faculty members and 3-4 community members as volunteers.  The committee meets bi-monthly (more frequently if required).   


The facilities committee is looking for 3-4 community members with an interest in joining the committee. Experience in construction and/or project management is encouraged but not required. If interested, please contact for more information.


Fundraising Subcommittee

The fundraising subcommittee actively pursues funding for PRA through business partnerships, in-kind donations, check-writing campaigns, company matches and various school fundraising activities. This past year we helped to raise support for the new playground, PRA busses, and scholarships for graduating seniors. This year the subcommittee will help plan PRA Gives Day, our annual Gala, and other efforts to raise support for the great work happening on campus. 


The Fundraising Committee is seeking potentially 3-4 members from the PRA Community to help engage the business community and support sponsorship efforts for our signature programs. If you are interested or have any questions please contact Brandon Buzbee (


Outreach Subcommittee

The Outreach Subcommittee plans and executes various activities throughout the school year with the goal of strengthening the PRA community. This year, the subcommittee is hoping to host Miner Mania, Skate City nights, Staff Luncheons, Staff Appreciation Week, and Parent-Child Events.  Historically the Parent-Child events have been a Father-Daughter dance and Mother-Son bowling, however, considering current circumstances, other events, such as Parent-Child picnic date or drive In movie night may be fun (outdoor) alternatives for the current school year.


These fun and exciting community-building events can only happen with proper support from the PRA volunteer community.  The Outreach Subcommittee is seeking parent volunteers to lead Staff Appreciation Week, Skate City nights, and both Parent-Child Events.  The Subcommittee is in need of 2-4 leads for each event, as well as supporting volunteers to make these events a success.  If you’re interested in being part of any of these exciting activities, please complete the google form HERE, indicating which events you’re interested in helping with.  If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Begnoche (   


School Accountability Committee

The School Accountability Committee (SAC) is made up of parents, teachers, and administrators.  The SAC is responsible for working on continuously improving PRA's performance.  Responsibilities include:

  • Working on the state-mandated Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) which asks each school in Colorado to set goals around improving academic performance each year and what methods will be used to try to improve that performance. 
  • Creation of the Annual Parent Survey and evaluation of those results.  We look at those results and trends from past years to make recommendations to the board on areas to focus. 
  • Creation of the biannual staff survey and evaluation of those results. The results of the staff survey, especially with parent review, help provide input to the board on staff areas of concern to focus on as well as inputs to the annual evaluations of the school administrators.
  • Continuous improvement of the Board Dashboard. The Board Dashboard includes various metrics across the school (Academic, Financial, Operational, and Cultural).  

The School Accountability SubCommittee is seeking potentially 2 more members from the PRA Community. If interested, please contact for more information.