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Executive Director Message for Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to seeing you at one of the many events this weekend! 
- April Wilkin, Executive Director

Hey Miners, happy Thursday.

I'm glad to report that things are going well here. We've had a few weeks of in-person instruction back-to-back. We're flexing our five day week muscles and that's going well. We do though have a PD day on Monday. So some professional development for staff where we'll focus on goal setting and collaborating as a K-12 team.

And then some COVID updates for you. Just a friendly reminder to please make sure if you have COVID in the home, so sibling test positive or a parent or someone who lives at home, that's considered a close contact, and we'd like for you to make sure to notify us. And by us we mean Jen Francis about that. Also we're monitoring our data very closely for COVID. We're pleased to say we haven't seen evidence of any in-school transmission. All of the safety protocols we're all collectively following are really helping us with that. So thank you for keeping your sick kids home and reaching out to us if you're just not sure what to do. So let's keep doing that as we move into the fall and we watch how things go because every day and every week brings something new.

Lastly, it's been an exciting week around here. It's Homecoming spirit week in the high school. Students have been dressing in theme, competing for peak points. We have our homecoming game on Saturday where we get to find out the royalty and we also have a special unveiling of our mascot's name. So we get to finally find out who our mascot is this year. So please make sure to be there so you can find out. And then lastly, if you're at Broomfield Days on Saturday, make sure to stop by the PRA booth and say hi. All right, Miners, take care and have a great rest of your week.