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Peaks – Wrapping Up Our First Units!

9 th & 10 th graders completed their Indigo surveys and have reflected on their results to strengthen their own resilience. They have completed lessons about positive self-talk, building a strong support network, and bouncing back from struggles and failure.


For more about our partners at Indigo, check out their website


11 th graders have been focused on preparing for the PSAT. They have set up personalized practice through Khan Academy, discussed the content &; format of the test, and have practiced helpful test-taking strategies.


For more detail about the PSAT and SAT, please see:


12 th graders completed a unit about building strong communities, which included lessons on

diversity, respectful disagreement, recognizing implicit bias, and empathy. We used this Ted Talk as a jumping off point for one lesson:

Celeste Headlee: How Can We Have Civil Conversations With The Other Side?


We encourage you to talk with your student about the work they are doing in their Peaks class. At conferences, please don’t forget to check in with your student’s peak teacher too!