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Help a PRA Student & Grow Your Family's Knowledge of the World

Have you ever wanted to dance a polka at the Octoberfest festival in Germany? View the northern lights and the midnight sun in Norway? Try a pizza in the home of pizza in Italy? Watch a flamenco dancer in Spain? 
Maybe now is not the time to travel, but it is the time to learn, to share and to grow your families knowledge of the world.
EF High School Exchange Year (EF) is looking for volunteer host families who are willing to share their American experience with a wonderful young Ambassador from another country. 
Ingvild from Norway is a kind, positive and friendly 17 year old girl who has a “B” GPA. She loves soccer, running, gymnastics, skiing, hiking and guitar. She works at a local ski resort on the weekends. She is looking forward to making friends and memories for life while in Colorado! 
Tamina from Germany is a cheerful and friendly "A" student who will be 16 in November. She loves all sports, especially gymnastics, biking and archery. She also loves to cook and to volunteer to help/ teach young children.
Rebecca from Italy is a smiling, kind, easy going, outgoing and responsible 16 year old “A” student. Rebecca loves to work out at the gym, run, bike, play volleyball and swim. She also likes to play the guitar, piano and flute.
Paula from Germany is an outgoing, polite and “really positive” 16 years old “A” student. She loves to dance and is on a club dance team, run, hike and spend time with family and friends. She has a little brother who is six.
Maiken from Norway is an outgoing and happy young lady who has an “A” GPA. She loves to play table tennis, volleyball, cook and take photo’s. She wants to play volleyball while in the USA.
EF host families provide home, food and love. The job of an EF host family is simply to live your normal life. EF students are fully vetted and insured and cover all expenses other than room and board. This includes all school fee’s and anything they buy or do while in the USA on the EF program. There are tax deductions for hosting.
All EF host families receive 10% off any EF Tours teacher led student overseas trips or EF Girl Scout trips for a two year period of time.
To learn more about making a students dream of studying in the USA come true, please contact Melissa as soon as possible at 720-759-8605 or