Prospect Ridge Academy

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Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade PE

Anne Marie Dencklau
Jennifer Morse

Course Description

K - 2 PE focuses on building locomotor fundamentals (run, skip, hop, jump, etc.), spatial awareness (avoid bumping into others), enjoying movement, and engaging in large group activities/games. 
Recent activities: 
  • scooters - follow directions, show concern for safety, and show the ability to share and take turns
  • parachute - work with the entire class to produce movements and games together
  • baggy pants - avoid having your feet touched by bean bags while sliding a bag at others' feet
  • crab soccer - when called, crab walk and try to kick a beach ball over a line of goalies
  • mastermind - a relay game where the team works to solve a pattern
Coming up:
  • Tic-tac-toe relays
  • jump rope and hula hoops
  • basketball dribbling and passing
  • fitness testing introduction (2nd grade only)