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Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade PE

Anne Marie Dencklau
Jennifer Morse

Course Description


3rd - 5th Grade PE continues to build students' locomotor abilities and begins to focus on building athletic skills and coordination. Fitness testing is done twice a year (September and April) with other opportunities for students to achieve personal bests on tests of their choice. Emphasis in these upper elementary grades continues to be on enjoying movement and physical activities, and learning a variety of games. Students will also learn some self refereeing skills with the hope that 5th grade students go into middle school able to try out with confidence for a PRA sports team of their choosing.

Current Unit

  • Basketball (Nov. 13 - Dec 8) 


Technology in PE

We are working to incorporate technology into PE, and once a month are enhancing a lesson with a projector.
September:  Whip It Nae Nae dance. If you'd like to work out to the video, here's the link:
October: Rugby and team handball clips.
November: Nutrition and health quizzes (K, 1, and 2 only)