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Prospect Ridge Academy builds strength and character through its competitive and dynamic athletic program. Athletic competition promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills, establishes a positive attitude when navigating obstacles, and teaches the value of moving towards future goals. A strong and resourceful athlete becomes a responsible and successful adult in all areas of life.


Respectful Sporting Behavior Expectations: The PRA Way 

The PRA Athletic Department and the Athletic Subcommittee would like to remind fans of the importance of respecting the PRA community, other fans, officials, and our competitors. Please notice the new PRA Way signs as you enter the gym and keep these tips in mind for a safe and fun game-day experience. If for any reason you choose not to follow these expectations, you will be asked to leave the event. Thank you for your positive support during PRA athletic events. Go Miners!  

Promote Positive Participation
Respect Officials & Coaches
Applaud All Athletes

Withhold Negativity
Assume Everyone is Doing Their Best
You represent PRA


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