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High School Counseling

Prospect Ridge Academy High School Counseling Department 

College Prep Counseling

Our college prep curriculum begins in 6th grade and continues through graduation and alumni support. PRA utilizes a college prep database and platform called Naviance to provide information, direction, and guidance as students investigate their post-high school opportunities. The counseling department uses the information from Naviance to assist students in creating a college and career mindset to develop a strategic academic plan to challenge and engage students in their post-secondary goals.

Each year our students will take a college visit to one of the colleges or universities in Colorado. This will give students a taste of both Public and Private colleges, as well as the difference between smaller and larger campuses. College Admission Counselors will be on site meeting students throughout their High School Career.


High School Counseling News

Scholly App

An app to help you personalize your scholarship search on your phone!

Dispelling Myths

Myth #1 - Once you're accepted to a school you are done. 
Busted - You need a high school diploma to go to college so you have to keep doing your best until you cross the stage and receive that diploma.
Myth #2 - Colleges do not look at your senior year transcript.
Busted- Colleges are sent your initial (9th-11th grade), mid-year (12th grade) and final (12th grade) transcripts and can rescind their offer of acceptance if they choose.