Prospect Ridge Academy

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Campus Construction Update

We are thrilled to announce that our Phase 3 construction projects could begin as early as next week - the week of December 4th. You will begin to see equipment on-site including a construction trailer, construction fencing, and other earth moving equipment.
Attached below you will find a map of the construction site showing where construction fencing will be located (blue lines), and where the temporary construction road will be built (light red/pink).
You will notice that much of the student parking lot will be used as part of the temporary construction road. Students will be allowed to park in the adjoining lot directly south of the student lot (along the east side of the soccer field), and along Alcott Way as overflow parking once the fencing has been put up.
As with any construction project on campus, safety is our number one priority.  We will be working closely with all of our contractors and subcontractors to ensure the safety of all students and staff on campus, while at the same time minimizing the impact to our driveline and daily instruction.

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