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Signup for an Elementary Assessment Time Slot

Thank you for taking the time to sign up for the beginning of the year assessments on Monday, August 14th or Tuesday, August 15th. On these days we are able to focus our energy on getting accurate assessment results for your child. These pieces of data are critical for helping us understand your student's areas of strength and growth, and will help us make instructional priority decisions for the beginning of the school year. Please talk to your child about these assessment opportunities, as this is a chance for them to show what they know! Ask them about how they feel they will do, and encourage them to show their best thinking skills. We are always encouraging our students to be accountable for their own learning!


When dropping off your child, please walk your child into the building and drop them off in their assigned classroom. For pick up you may meet your child in their classroom, however, please be mindful that we have several sessions of assessments happening and that teachers have minimal time between sessions. If you feel you need to discuss something specific with your child's teacher we encourage you to schedule an appointment. Thank you for your collaboration and team effort in making these successful days for our students.
Please signup for an assessment slot by clicking on the appropriate grade level below: